Band Leader/Conductor/Songwriter Jordan Rain/YOGOMAN is a world class drummer and highly dynamic singer who leads his band from the drum kit with panache. Rain formed YOGOMAN (the band) in 2005 to bring musical sunshine to his region by way of his original mix of Jamaican and New Orleans dance music. 

Raised in the Jet City, Rain came up through Seattle's underground all-ages music scene in the 1990's. YOGOMAN's music removes the barriers between audience, entertainers and the industry, making it a community party. YOGOMAN invites their audiences/fans/friends to engage with their music through dance, fun lyrics, and call and response, bringing to mind artists such as Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Cab Calloway, Desmond Dekker, Bob Marley and the Meters . 

shared the stage with Jamaica's legendary Skatalites, Third World, Clinton Fearon (of the Gladiators) and collaborated/improvised live with Pato Banton, Junior Reid of Black Uhuru, and many independent M.C.'s and instrumentalists. YOGOMAN travels anywhere with his musical family to play festivals, private parties, weddings and anywhere a celebration is needed.  Yogoman is internationally recognized for their fun and top quality musical experience.  

See Jordan Rain's full Musical history HERE 

YOGOMAN has been voted and awarded the following:

* BEST BAND/MUSICIAN by Cascadia Weekly Magazine (2 Years)
* BEST BOOTY SHAKIN' MUSIC by What's Up Music Magazine (6 Years)
* BEST UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL by What's Up Music Magazine
* BEST SELLING LOCAL ALBUM at Everyday Music (Bellingham)
* LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD by What's Up Music Magazine




Jordan Rain/Yogoman - Songwriter/Conductor/Drums & Lead Vocal
[photo by Gary Thompson]

Jordan Rain has been playing live music and putting on shows in the Pacific Northwest since 1993. Rain grew up on Classic Rock, Soul, Heavy Metal, and Hip-hop, while having toured nationally in the Underground/All-Ages music scene (punk/hardcore/experimental/indie rock, etc.). In 1998, Rain started DJ'ing and took the name Yogoman, specializing in Jamaican and Soul Music and has incorporated a unique mix of these musical forms, while conjuring new sonic realms with YBB.

Aiming to connect with people of all-ages and backgrounds through vibrant dance music, Jordan is building off the rhythmic foundation of his favorite music from around the globe coupled with his innate sense of harmony.  From beats to melodies to lyrics, Rain communicates primarily with energy and intuition along with his voice and cues from the drum set to other YBB players and audience simultaneously, making each performance a new experience.

Yogoman's dream is to travel to as many countries as he can with YBB, spreading as much love and community through music as possible in his life, with his family.

Michael Rain - Bass Guitar & Vocals

Michael Rain, Jordan Rain's father, came out of the Haight Ashbury music scene of San Francisco in the late 60's. Mike saw some of the countries most experimental bands at the time at the Avalon Ballroom and Fillmore East/West music venues meeting folks like Janis Joplin, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Joan Baez.  Mike has been playing music in the Seattle area since the late 70's in various original and cover bands opening for bands such as Sammy Hagar, Black Oak Arkansas, Foghat, Pat Travers.  Most notably Mike played bass, sang lead vocal and was responsible for the majority of the songwriting in his original group called The CoreThe Core also featured Floyd Rose on guitar, who is the inventor of the Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo, first made famous by Eddie Van Halen.  The Core's sound spawned out of what is now considered "classic rock," but featuring a dirty and harder edged sound with elements of heavy metal and what would now be considered "grunge" music, over a decade before that genre became a household name.

Mike brings a vibrant, and explosive element to YBB, while developing an understated but roots style that Jamaican music and Soul music consists of through his experience with YBB.  It is undoubtably a special feature to have a father/son - drum/bass combo with the familial blending of the vocals, unifying YBB's sound in a unique way.


Jacqueline Rae- Vocals & Bongos.

Jacqueline was raised in East Texas by the Louisiana border near Shrieveport in a small town called Linden, TX; home of T-Bone Walker, the famous blues guitarist/singer.  There she grew up singing blues, country and gospel music and got her start singing in church and with her friends on the playground chanting double dutch rhythms.  At the age of 15, her parents moved North to Bellingham, WA, where she took up Opera singing shortly after as a Coloratura Soprano. Jac sang Opera for 20 years studying in NYC and Seattle areas, while traveling the world as a singer. Ready for a change of pace, Jac became more interested in singing roots music and wanting to play percussion.  She met Jordan Rain/DJ Yogoman at his Soul Night at the Green Frog in Bellingham, WA and started dancing regularly. Yogoman caught her singing jazz standards with a remarkable voice a few times and was impressed. Jac has been working closely with Yogoman on percussion and vocals since they met and knew they wanted to collaborate. 

(photo by Kenneth Kearney)

Jeremiah & Diana Austin (w/ little Desmond)

Jeremiah and Diana are a family unit of horns that play with YBB. Diana teaches at Sehome High School in Bellingham and plays Baritone Saxophone. She has played with her husband Jeremiah on Trumpet for many years in the Bellingham band the Love Lights (now inactive), opening up for many great bands in the Northwest such as Cherry Poppin' Daddies and actually playing with Presidents of The United States of America a few times on stage. With a background in Pop and Soul music Jeremiah and Diana add a cohesive sound together to YBB's mix, while learning the subtlety of Jamaican rhythms through YBB. Jeremiah has been engineering at his home studio and booking bands, doing live sound at McKay's Taphouse, a local bar in Bellingham, WA. Jeremiah also does great live sound engineering for YBB on the road. After a few tours down the west coast with Jeremiah and Diana, whether together on stage or with other horn combinations, they are a great addition to YBB's extensive horn family.  

Daniel DeLisle and Will Glazier (L to R)   {photo by Isaac Dumlao}

Another superb horn unit typically seen together playing with YBB, Will and Dan come from the Bellingham Funk/Soul combo Snug Harbor (lead by Will).

Coming from a background in grade and high school band, Dan is a professional massage therapist and active musician in Bellingham. Dan is the only member of YBB who actually grew up listening to Yogoman Burning Band which inspired him to play live music in the local scene after high school. 

Will Glazier has an extensive history in Ska, Soul and Funk music. When he was just out of high school, his first band played on a Vans Warped Tour giving him much exposure as a young trumpeter. Since then and upon diving into the Bellingham music scene, Will started his own band 6 years ago called Snug Harbor who play tight Funk and Soul music, building a respectable name in Seattle in 2014 and making a recent trip to Denver, Colorado to back up Michael Menhert in his big band configuration at the Sonic Bloom Festival.


*A BIG THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAVE JOINED THE RANKS AND CONTRIBUTED TO YBB'S RICH MUSICAL HISTORY AS A BAND (you never know when you might see them again burning on stage with YBB):

YBB Family Foundation Players (in order of appearance): Captain Seahorse Revenge Upon Humanity (Joseph "Captain Seahorse" Miles- Saxophone, Isaac "Izzy" Weiser- Bass, Andrew Clarke- Drums, Tyler Clarke- Guitar, Tim Holmes- Keys), Norah McLaughlin- Vocals/Bass, Stell Newsome- Guitar/Vocals, Dan Lowinger- Guitar, Ben Wildenhaus- Keys, Thomas Akihiro Deakin- Saxophone/Vocals/Percussion/Arrangements, John Sampson- Trombone, Lupe Flores- Percussion/Vocals, Mars Lindgren- Trombone/Vocals/Percussion/Arrangements, Julian McDonough- Drums, Joel Ricci- Trumpet/Vocals/Percussion/Arrangements, Mike Mitchell- Drums, Josh Holland- Guitar/Vocals, Jason Cressie- Trombone, Robert Sarazin Blake- Guitar, Sara Jerns- Trumpet, Nelson Bell- Trombone, Cornet, Sousaphone, Amanda Rhine- Saxophone/Vocals, Miles Harris- Guitar/Vocals, Jimmy Austin- Trombone.


Yogoman opens for the world famous Skatalites on their 50th Anniversary World Tour 

We were honored to join positive forces in Seattle, WA with Jamaica's original Ska band, the Skatalites for their 50th Anniversary World Tour.  Hard to believe they started back in 1964, but you'd never know it by the energy and life they breathed into the Nectar Lounge on September 14th, 2014.  Here's a few pictures of their Studio One album, the night's poster and the Skatalites performing that night followed by a great review of the show: 

(photos by Hollie Homan)

Pictured above is Lester Sterling on Alto Sax, co author of Bangarang, one of Yogo's favorite Jamaican tunes/riddims.  To Sterling's right is Trever "Sparrow" Thompson wailing on Yogoman's drums during Skatalites set.

From Left to Right is Travis Antoine on Trumpet, Val Douglas on Bass (what an amazing bassist!), and Andre Murchison on Trombone (he really was on fire this evening).

Azemobo "Zem" Audu on Tenor Saxophone and Doreen Schaffer, original Skatalites feature vocalist!
We all had fun backstage chatting, and I also found Roots Reggae singer Winston Jarrett in the crowd and we ended up singing THIS TUNE to one of the Skatalites instrumentals, which was originally a 45rpm record cut on Jamaica's Studio One label in 1969.  

Here are a few pics of Yogoman Burning Band during our set and a link to the photographer/writer Holly Homan's East Portland Blog, who reviews the show, quite favorably of YBB.  Thanks for checking this little piece of history out and we hope to see you dancing and smiling at the next show.  Cheers- Jordan Rain/Yogoman

YOGOMAN FROM TOP TO BOTTOM- Yogoman on drums ringin' da Dragon bell,
Dan deLisle on 
Trombone, Jimmy Austin - Trombone, and Will Glazier - Trumpet,
The lovely Jacqueline Rae on Bongos and Vocals,
& Papa Mike Rain on thee bass guitar!